Prom FAQ’s

Yes. After prom tickets can definitely sell out ! Although we have so many dates and work with multiple venues, on any given night we can have multiple schools heading to the same place. If this happens, then it is first come first served. To ensure that you have access to the after prom event we suggest just buying your ticket in advance. Everything else on prom night will be well planned out so make sure to factor in the after prom tickets as well.
VIP tickets are upgrades over the General admission tickets because it gets you in to the club much faster. The ability to skip the line is very important to most kids because they want to get the most out of their prom night. Nobody wants to spend time sitting on a packed line rather then being in the club with their friends having a great time. In addition to skipping the line, VIP tickets also get you free (non-alcoholic) drinks in the club and access to exclusive areas that only VIP ticket holders can enter.
If you happen to lose your ticket, you have a few optionsIf a ticket was purchased online, you will receive an email confirmation. All you have to do is re-print out the ticket from your email and bring it to the event. We will accept all email tickets once and scan them. Please do not print more then one copy. Any duplicate tickets that get presented will be rejected.
If you purchased your ticket in cash from a promoter at school or from our box office, Call us immediately. We will do our best to locate your order and fix any issues to allow you to get in to the event. Please do your best to not lose tickets bought in cash because sometimes it is very difficult to track
We handle all these issues on a case-by-case basis and we will do everything to help resolve them before you show up to your after prom event. If this problem does arise and you lose your ticket, please call (646)-431-9666
No credit card ? No problem, you can still buy tickets. Please feel free to purchase tickets using one of following two methods insteadYou may purchase your tickets at our box office in Midtown Manhattan.
You may request a delivery. A driver will bring your tickets directly to you and collect the payment upon delivery. This option is only available if you are purchasing at least 15 tickets. (Some exceptions do apply)