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Finally it is 2016! Soon it will be that time of year that you have been looking forward too. High school is coming to a close and it is time to celebrate. Within no time you will be getting ready for your big prom day and then after that comes the biggest party of the year – After Prom! Our job here at PromTime.com is to help you have an after prom party that you’ll never forget. We’re proud to, once again, be hosting the hottest after prom parties in NYC, With venues like Webster Hall, Stage 48, Copacabana, and so many more it would be hard to disappoint. If you’re looking to party one last time with all of your classmates don’t worry we’ve got everything covered. Need a limo? We got you covered. How about a top-of-the-line cruise? We got that too. There is never a need to panic because we can do it all. Just call us today and we will help you out. You can reserve your party, get group discounts, become a paid promoter, and purchase all of your tickets here at PromTime.com.

Become a Promoter

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Willing to make some easy extra-money while you focus on school and somehow advance your social life skills? If you are looking to be the "know-it-all" night-owl among your friends, PromTime.com is offering you the perfect opportunity!

Prom Limos & Party Buses

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On one of the biggest nights of your life, you need the best possible ride. Here is your chance to check out one of the best rental fleets in New York City and reserve your limo or chic sedan for you and your date!

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