What To Wear To After Prom

When it comes to Prom, We at PromTime.com understand that most girls would prefer to go big and elegant with their dress. We know that they would want a dress that stands out on such a one of a kind night. The truth is though, that such an elegant and expensive prom dress may not be the best to party with. The prom may be a slow-paced, glamorous event that is mostly for beautiful pictures and a fancy evening with your friends but when it comes to the after prom, that is a completely different story.

After prom is where the party really happens. This is where everybody is dancing, and jumping around having a good time with their friends. With that being said, most girls should try to change out of their prom dress because it no longer seems like proper attire.

Being that after prom is usually at a night club, we suggest dressing how you would to a night club. Even if it means putting on jeans and a nice blouse, we believe that is more proper attire than an elegant prom dress. With all the dancing going on, we suggest wearing shoes that will not hurt your feet after a long night. Also, keep in mind that it is a club where drinks can be spilled and someone can step on your shoes, so be aware not to wear anything that you have to return. In the end, just remember that after prom and prom are 2 separate events and our advice to you is to dress accordingly.