What Are You Looking At?

What are you looking at?

By: Lori Kremen

Prom just wouldn’t be the prom without the decorations. No one wants their prom to be held in a blank room. When thinking about decorations, you should think about what kind of mood you want the students to be in as they look around the hall you choose. If you want the attendees at the prom to be in a calm mood, your decorations should include pastels and cool colors. If you want the guests at the prom to be hungry or excitable, bright colors, such as yellow or white should be used in your decorations. The colors you use to decorate the room will decide the ambience of the event. Some decorations may be included when with your banquet hall package, so be sure to ask about the decorations included when you book your hall.

You will need to make room in your budget for additional lighting, center pieces, candles, flowers, draperies, ceiling and wall treatments. Candles in particular can be very dangerous. While long tapered candles can add sophistication to an evening, they can also be a major fire hazard. Tea light candles placed by each plate can give the room a fanciful feel. However, there have been many instances of students accidentally setting napkins on fire

Draperies are an inexpensive way to add a touch of class to any room. You can purchase long yards of beautiful fabric with a relatively low decoration’s budget from almost any craft store. Hanging the draperies, however, may require a little finesse. You will probably want to check with the banquet hall and ask if they have any preference on how you attach items to the walls of the room. Incorporating streamers can also add to a festive mood, with a lot less effort.

When it comes to the center pieces, you can order fresh flowers, silk flowers, or make your own centerpieces with miscellaneous material. If you plan on ordering fresh flowers, make sure the flowers are in season before ordering. Out of season flowers can cost a small fortune. You should also consult many florists before deciding which florist to use. Which ever florist you choose should be booked far in advance, as a poorly prepared floral arrangement can ruin the décor of a room.

There are several companies that specialize in prom theme kits, which provide the decoration without hassle. These companies are very professional and deal especially with students on a regular basis. Your theme or something very similar to it probably has a theme kit already prepared and waiting for you to buy. These specialized kits can be expensive, but will cut down on the stress of decoration.

Ask your school administrator or the prom committee advisor what happened to the prom decorations of the past. While you may be reluctant to go with previous decorations, the lighting can be re-used. If you are having trouble figuring out a decoration scheme for the room, the decorations of previous years may give you a hint on how to proceed.