Tips To The Perfect Prom Pictures

In this day and age, taking pictures has become more than just an art form. It’s a way to express yourself on Social Media and also keep tabs on all the memories you make. When it comes to making memories, Prom is one of those nights where everyone wants to take pictures and really capture the moment. So I decided to list my tips and tricks I learned over the years, to help you take the perfect pictures.

  • Lighting is crucial – Make sure to take your pictures either out door where there is natural light or in a really well lit area of your house. Usually proms take place in the Spring and Summer so outside is a simple and easy option. If you choose to be indoors, pay attention to the source of your lighting and make sure it is lighting up the faces of all the people in the picture evenly.
  • Take candids – Nothing captures a moment better than a candid picture. That is why on Prom Night I highly suggest that whoever is in charge of taking pictures, takes a lot of candid shots. Capture the moment of everyone meting up, getting dressed, hugging it out and I’m sure that those will be the one everyone will look back on and smile.
  • Keep It Simple – Sometimes there are so many couples and everyone is rushing around for the perfect shot. There is no need to stress. Have each prom couple take 2-3 pictures with all the regular poses. Then after that take a couple group pictures and a couple of solo shots for the ladies. In the end, Simplicity and elegance make for great pictures, don’t make it look like you are trying too hard.
  • Have Fun – The last tip is the one I think makes the most difference. Just have fun with it. It is a prom picture and sure you want the perfect picture, but in the end you want to look back on this day and laugh. This is the last time you might be hanging out with all your high school friends so make it a great time. Don’t be afraid to give a big cheesy smile or do a few wacky poses with your best friends. This is the time to make memories that will last a lifetime.