PROMise to be Safe

Make prom night is a positive experience you’ll always remember, and not a night you will regret. Don’t drink alcohol, drive under the influence, or use any other substances that will compromise your ability to make good judgments. Below are some tips that can save your life and keep you safe after prom.

  1. Discuss plans with your friends/date ahead of time. Know your agenda and communicate with your parents.
  2. Plan ahead what you will say or do if someone offers you alcohol or another illegal drug. Use phrases such as, “No thanks,” “Are you kidding? I want to remember this night!,” or “Actually, I’d rather have a soda. Do you have one?”
  3. Know your date before you go. If your date is a set-up, try to take a walk at a park or go out for a smoothie before your prom night. Not only will parents feel better that they got a chance to meet them, but you too will feel better about staying out late with someone you already know.
  4. Find out what time your curfew is and share it with your date/friends before prom night. Discuss with your parents after prom possibilities (the party at your friend’s house or early morning breakfast at your place).
  5. Ask a trusted adult to be near a phone and to be available prom night in case you need to call them. Always, ALWAYS carry enough change and money with you to make several phone calls, or in case of an emergency.
  6. Take your, or borrow your parent’s, cell phone and slip it into your purse or pocket, they are a very important accessory.

Get to Your Destination Safely

  1. Keep an eye on your date/driver to make sure he/she doesn’t drink any alcohol. Alcohol slows reaction time and impairs vision, clear thinking, judgment, and coordination.
  2. There are more drunk drivers on the roads during the weekend. Keep a close eye on oncoming drivers, as impaired drivers tend to drive toward lights.
  3. Know where you’re going before prom night and have directions to those places.
  4. After your red light turns green, wait a second before pulling into the intersection, just to be safe.
  5. Drive on well lit roads, and carry a phone if possible. That way, if you get a flat tire, you’re not stranded, waving down a cab with your silk tie or stiletto shoes.
  6. Beautiful girls are distracting enough, so turn down the radio volume on low so that your driver can concentrate on getting you to the fun, and don’t forget to always wear your seat belt!
  7. Make sure the car has enough gas to get where you’re going (besides, parents are definitely on to the “But we ran out of gas” excuse!).
  8. Remember, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable position, or if the driver isn’t safe, have enough money with you to call a friend or a cab.

Ways to Have Fun without Drinking

  1. Go to a late-night diner all dressed up and order fries and a milkshake. That will definitely hit the spot and you will get tons of attention!
  2. Buy a bunch of one-use cameras, pass them around to your friends, and set a goal to use every last picture before the night is through!
  3. Have an “Uno” or “Twister” party at someone’s house. Don’t forget to have lots of sodas, chips, and dips. You’ll be hungry after all that dancing!
  4. Host a karaoke party at your house, or at a friend’s basement.
  5. Visit an arcade with your date or with a group, and challenge each other to a game or two.
  6. Ask your local YMCA if you can plan an after-prom basketball tournament. Bring your favorite CDs to play in the background.
  7. Go to a late night coffee house and relive the evening for hours!
  8. After prom, gather in a friend’s house or backyard, take your shoes off, turn up the music, and really dance! Don’t forget to notify neighbors and police of your special event, and don’t let guests come and go.

Things You Can Do In Your Community

  1. Before prom, work with your local law enforcement agency to plan a compliance check to help the police identify area retail alcohol outlets that are illegally selling alcohol to people under 21.
  2. Work with school officials to organize an assembly that sends positive messages about abstaining from alcohol and other drugs and shows the possible consequences.
  3. Work with your school’s prom committee to plan a fun and safe after-prom celebration.
  4. Prepare facts and statistics about alcohol consumption and consequences for use/abuse and make school announcements.
  5. Call your local MADD chapter and ask how you can prevent underage drinking in your community.