Prom Weekend

Your prom is a once in a lifetime junction where many major life events come together at one time, so you might as well extend it to a second and third day. Think about it, your prom, your final days of high school, and your approaching departure to college. If those aren’t some major life events taking place in a short period of time that call for a prolonged celebration, then what it?

Your prom is going to whiz by. Face it, the excitement of being dressed up, being treated as an adult for an evening, and seeing all your friends in a festive mood will make that clock tick by as if it were running triple speed.

This is the perfect opportunity for your girlfriends and their guys to jump in their cars or have some sort of transportation arranged and head on out for a weekend of fun. Your options are limited to where you live, of course.

One great getaway is the shore, and it’s somewhat cheap. You see, prom season falls just before the actual rental season begins at most beach towns. This means rental house owners have a property that is vacant and not producing any revenue. They are more than happy to get paid for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday that they otherwise wouldn’t.

A key to getting an extremely good rate from experiences I’ve heard of is having a group of girls take the initiative here. Landlords are more likely to rent a house for a prom weekend to three young girls than three guys, whether that is right or wrong. It seems that when a landlord sees three guys and hears the words prom weekend, he thinks beer and parties. When he sees three young girls, he sees, isn’t that cute. This is just one of those times in life you work it like a girl because you are a girl!

Options abound for a prom weekend getaway. Maybe a camp out or trip to the nearby mountains. Skiing? Maybe a family member’s house in the country? Now that would be on the cheap. Just make sure your destination isn’t a five hour drive through the middle of the night. That can be both dangerous and a waste of time when you should be celebrating.

If going away is an open option, some planning must take place before hand. Here’s what you need: * Make sure you have an extended return period on anything rented, such as a tuxedo.

  • Act early and book the destination.
  • This is invite only, not a free for all. Make sure word doesn’t circulate that it is an open school party.
  • You probably want to drive to the prom in your own cars with trunks packed with everything you need.
  • Don’t linger after the prom, man. When it ends, say your goodbyes and get outta there.
  • You are probably going to arrive at your house, villa, condo, or campsite way after closing time of any local stores. Make sure you pack what you need such as food, snacks, and beer, whatever.
  • Depending on your parental agreement, maybe call to your parents when you arrive is in order.