Prom Timeline

Prom Timeline – Step By Step Prom Planning Guide for Prom Committees

By: Sofia Blum

1 Year before the prom
1. Start choosing members of the prom committee and sub- prom committees.
2. Begin setting up a budget and any other necessary accounts and funds with your student council, the prom committee, principal, PTA, or bank.
3. Begin establishing a budget by gathering information regarding each detail of the prom, and how much each aspect of prom is going to cost. Committee chairs should make a list of estimated expenses. Collect the most detailed information now so you can start planning your budget.
4. Determine how much money will be contributed from fundraisers and sponsors, and then calculate what you will need from ticket sales.
5. Start a fundraiser for prom. Some ideas are holding a bake sale, car washes, jewelry sale, having a school carnival, or selling candy.
6. Set the prom date. Make sure it does not conflict with any other school event and/or any other local schools prom.
7. Book the venue or verify that your schools facility is available for the date you have chosen to have prom on.
8. Coordinate student transportation. If your prom site is off-campus and your district requires students to take buses to the prom sites, make sure to arrange district transportation or a local bus company as soon as possible so you can get the best prices and ensure availability. (Tip: The earlier you book school/coach buses, the more money you can save. Prices can go up thousands of dollars each month. By booking buses a year before your event, you can save up to $20,000)
9. If your school organizes an after-prom party, let parent volunteers, or the chaperones know early, so they have enough time to coordinate the event.

6 Months before the prom (Start of the new school year).
1. Meet with your prom committee and sub- prom committees. It may be necessary to organize a meeting where students sign up to participate in helping out with the prom.
2. Choose a prom theme. Prom themes such as a Hawaiian prom, Mardi Gras prom, 80s prom, or a cowboy prom are all good ideas for prom night.
3. Discuss and schedule fundraising activities.
4. Book a band, DJ, and a photographer.
5. Begin discussing ideas for decorations, invitations, programs or memory books.
6. Decide which favors will be given to prom goers and order them. (Tip: Do not encourage prom goers to drink. One way to avoid this is by not giving them a shot glass, wine glass, or beer glass as a party favor. You can save dozens of lives by purchasing other favors such as a picture frame, T-shirt, or photo album.
7. Meet with parent volunteers to discuss the after-prom party.
8. Select gifts for prom advisor(s) and chaperones. Gifts can include gift certificates to a restaurant, or a night out on the town which includes a play, show, or concert.

2-3 Months before the prom
1. Start ordering your schools invitations, memory books, programs, and tickets. Invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks in advance.
2. Begin advertising. Hang posters, flyers, and/or place an ad in the school newspaper. Some schools have loud speakers, so the Principal or the prom committee should advertise the prom through these times of methods.
3. Order all decorating materials including the theme kit.
4. Discuss and brainstorm ideas for how and when the prom king and queen will be crowned.
5. Call last years prom king and queen and invite them to attend this years prom.
6. Order royalty items such at crowns, tiaras, medals, sashes, flowers, etc.

4-6 Weeks before the prom
1. Send out invitations and begin ticket sales.
2. Call to confirm any arrangements with the band or DJ, as well as dance site, caterer, and the photographer.
3. Set up a schedule for decorating with the facility you have chosen, or with the appropriate staff at the school.
4. Track ticket sales for an attendance count for your caterer.
5. Make sure you have all decorating materials needed and read through any kit instruction sheets to try to estimate the time needed to build your theme or kits.
Hold nominations for prom King and Queen.

1 Week before the prom
1. Make sure all parents and chaperones are still attending the prom.
2. Call up all the venues, and services to make sure they are ready for the upcoming prom.
3. Make sure there is enough security to handle any situation at prom.
4. Start putting together the souvenirs, so that you can distribute them at prom.
5. Get final tally on who prom King and Queen are for prom night.

1 Day before the prom
1. Call up all venues and services to double check that they have everything ready for tomorrow night.
2. Make sure all the chaperones and the hired help have the correct directions to the prom and after prom party.
3. Bring decorations to the venue, and ask if you can start decorating the place early.

The day of the prom
1. Get there on time.
2. Make sure all the guests are greeted and arrive.
3. Look out for any smoking, drinking, or sexual activity.
4. Make sure no fights break out.
5. Make sure dinner is served, and everyone is participating in the prom activities.
6. Announce the King and Queen.
7. Bring out the cake.
8. Make sure the last song is announced and that everyone leaves with a party favor.
9. Make sure all venues and services are paid for.
10. Give the chaperones their gifts.
11. Make sure the entire venue is cleaned up after.
13. Start preparing for next year!