Prom Disaster Stories

Prom Disasters

So I asked this guy to the prom who was in my history class. He said he had a girlfriend in another school, but I just didn’t believe him…cause he said that he would go. We actually go to the prom and have a really good time until near the end we are dancing and really enjoying ourselves. He seems really tense though and I cant figure out what’s wrong with him.

Towards the end he’s twirling me around the dance floor, when this blond chick shows up and boy does she look pissed! She screams at Bryan and tells him what a jerk he is for actually going with me….then she looks at me and screams at me, like this is totally my fault. She slaps me in the face and I’m so shocked that I don’t know what to do, so I hit her back. And we start fighting right there. My Bryan steps in and pulls us apart with the help of a few of his friends, and we get dragged out before the administrators notice. I’m pissed that that bitch ruined my prom, but I’m glad I didn’t get caught. Everyone was talking about it for the rest of the night though…and I was dateless, since he went home with her. –Susie Cook-Lincoln High School-Tallahassee Florida-Class 06

I was on the track team and I wasn’t all that excited about the prom, but my girlfriend Amy really wanted to go. I remember we had a track meet that day, so I had to run, run home and change, then go meet up with Amy at her house. I’m not really into dancing, but she threatened that if I didn’t dance with her, she’d break up with me. I should have broken up with her; we’re not together any more. But then, I was nuts about the girl. So I took a deep breath and danced with her…yeah…The whole night.

I was pretty miserable for most of it because I hate dancing. After the prom the limo took us home, and I changed, jumped my car and headed to her place to pick her up. She was still in her dress! I told her there was no way we were going into the city with her dressed like a yellow cupcake. She got real mad. The saving grace of that evening is that our after prom plans were at the Improv Comedy, which had some of the funniest comedians I had ever seen…and I didn’t have to talk to my girlfriend during the performance. In case you couldn’t guess, she and I broke up a week later.–Steve Klein-Edison HS-Class 06

Eric Porter was dumped by his girlfriend for my ex boyfriend. We were friends before that, but after we found out that we had been mutually dumped, we became very close. We decided that there was no need to really stress about the whole prom thing and would go together, as friends. He already had paid for a limo and made dinner reservations, and I already had a prom dress.

In the weeks approaching the prom, Eric and I almost became a real couple. We never put a name to it, but we were as good as dating. He held my hand in the hallways, kissed me, and we had dates. We just never called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Neither one of us was ready for that.

When we get to the prom we see our mutual ex’s engaging in their play and he and I are both seething with jealousy. So we take it out on each other. At one point, during a slow dance, I ask him to get me punch. He disappears and doesn’t return. After a while I get curious and go looking for him. There, in the hall way he was making out with his ex girlfriend. Me and my ex decide to finish up the rest of the night together, and took Eric’s limo back to my house. –Danielle Post horn-South Brunswick High School-South Brunswick, New Jersey-Class 06

I’m pale as a ghost, it comes from my Irish blood. So when this really cute guy asked me to the prom I decided that I would get a tan for it. I went to a tanning salon, but it just wasn’t enough. I still was as pale as a ghost. I bought some sunless tanning lotion. I was a little bit orange, but I just wanted to be a little more tan than I could get without getting cancer later in life.

Anyway, I actually looked pretty nice with the sunless tanning lotion and my date thought so too. We were dancing at the prom and getting really close, but it was so hot and I was getting ummm sweaty. In there and during a slow dance I was up on him, and when we pull apart to go to our table I notice that his shirt is a little orange where I had been. He had to pay a fine to the tux rental and he still hasn’t spoken to me since that night–Cynthia Fitzpatrick-Burke High School-High School-Boston, Massachusetts

I went to the prom with a junior guy. I knew I asked him to go with me as a friend but I was really hoping that it would turn out to be just more than it was. At first I thought everything was going to be great. He and me made our plans together. I paid because I asked him and it was my prom and I really, really liked him. He also didn’t have a lot of money and I was really worried that if I didn’t pay he wouldn’t go with me…since his parents were kind of weird.

He told me he had a curfew of about 2, which was fine since I wasn’t really into partying and I get tired real easy. So it was going to be my perfect prom. Of course, it wasn’t. When me and Alex got to the prom he promptly disappeared. I looked for him for hours, and I finally found him kissing another girl on the side of the building. I spent the rest of the prom sitting at my table, with my friends trying to cheer me up.–Eddy Prefontaine-John Adams High School-Cleveland, Ohio -Class 05

I wanted a sexy prom dress. I must have dieted for like a whole year before the prom. I bought this hot dress I got at the mall with my friends, it had beaded spaghetti straps and the rest of the dress was a mix of gold and black. I never though I could look so good. I only tried it on a few times, for my parents and for my sister and a few times to see what I looked like in the whole outfit with the shoes. The day before the prom, I try it on one last time, and one of the beaded straps undo. So I picked up every single bead that fell on the floor and put them back on while looking at the other strap. I use superglue to put it thin strap back on to the dress itself

Well anyway, my boyfriend picks me up and we take pics and everything is cool until we have to take our pictures right when we arrive. My shawl gets caught on my strap and my other strap breaks….the superglue is holding the other strap in place, but this straps beads are all over the carpeted floor and I couldn’t see them all. Anyway, it was awful. I had just one strap on my pictures. Later while we’re dancing, the strap being held up by superglue breaks and my dress was only held up by my boyfriend who caught it before it fell. —Erin Leeds-Colts Neck High School-Colts Neck, New Jersey-Class 04

So I was like in love with the boyfriend at the time I had at the time of the prom. I really thought I loved him you know? I wasn’t stupid, like I didn’t think I’d marry him or anything, but I still like really liked him. He was so cute. And he was really nice…romantic.

Anyway night of the prom arrives, and I’m wearing my dress that was soooooo unique it was dark blue and silver with one strap. And cuffs off the shoulder. I really loved this dress, almost as much as I loved my boyfriend. He was being so nice the entire prom, sweet and considerate. Like he was being perfect you know. And he looked so cute in that tux. We kept hookin up. It was so hot.

At the last dance, he said, “I don’t think I wanna go to college and have a girlfriend.” I slapped him! Ran away fighting tears. I called the limo driver and told him that he needed to drive me home. Don’t worry I wasn’t that mean, I told him he had to go back for everyone else. My mom wasn’t expecting me home yet. Even tho I havnt done it in years, I laid my head in her lap and cried even more. He called me later and said we could date for the summer if I wanted. I cursed him out and told him I never wanted to see him again. Later me and my girls went to his house and slashed his tires.

I’m now with a much better guy who hopefully won’t pull that kinda crap!–Evelyn Bronsky-unbar High School-Washington DC-Class 06

I was only at my prom for like five minutes. Here is what happened. I got asked out to prom by this really nice guy who was also really cute. He asked in the sweetest way, literally! He gave me a bunch of Hershey’s kisses when I said yes. So I bought this pink dress (I love pink) with this wide skirt and I felt like I was in a movie with Audrey Hepburn like Roman Holiday.

We took some great pictures before we left for the prom and that was the only good thing that happened the whole night. Me and the 5 other couples in our limo are getting out of the limo when we arrive at the prom when the slip of my dress gets caught in the door and my whole skirt rips, and you can see everything even my underwear. The guy offers to come back with me to my house to change…but I don’t have another formal dress. So we go back to my house in the limo and I tell him that I don’t have anything else, so he goes back to the prom with the limo with out me and I spent the rest of the night watching re-runs and being miserable. –Evelyn Jameson-Lafayette High School-Williamsburg, Virginia-Class 06

Whenever I think about my prom, I like to think about my dress, not my date. My dress was fabulous. It was a deep, rich royal blue, and I felt like royalty in it. I should have waited until I had found a date to buy my dress, but I wasn’t thinking that far ahead. That dress and I were meant to be together. It made sense that I would simply find a date that made me feel as special as my dress, right? WRONG! I mean way off the mark wrong. I asked like six guys to the prom and they all said no. To this day, I’m convinced it was my approach. Maybe, “will you go to the prom with me?” is too cliché.

My older brother’s friend took me to the prom. I used to wonder what it would be like to hang out with my older brother and his friend, but I never really did. All of the sudden, here I was going to prom with him. the entire night, he didn’t dance with me, we didn’t do anything after the prom with my friends because he “didn’t want to hang out with high school students.” But I didn’t want to go home right away, so we went back to his house and watched Disney movies. No, I’m not kidding we watched Disney movies. That’s more mature than hanging out with high school students???? The truth is I had missed those movies, and I wondered whether Cinderella had ever heard of the women’s movement. –Jenny Marc-George Washington High School -San Francisco, California

When I went to my prom, I expected it to be perfect. And it was up to a point. My boyfriend was such a great guy and was totally whispering some hot things in my ear the whole night. I bought this gorgeous white dress with this really intricate lacing down the front. It really was beautiful. I absolutely loved it. So we take our pictures at my parents’ house and everything is going great.

We’re dancing and everything is going well, but I’m sweating, so my bf goes and grabs me a coke, but he brings it onto the dance floor! I bump right into him and the coke spills all over my dress. I get really really upset and spent the rest of the prom in the bathroom trying to clean up my perfect dress. It sucked. —Lily Ubikivitch-Central High School-Providence, Rhode Island-Class 04

So I ain’t gonna lie. My prom was crazii. I reallii liked this guy from my church he was soo fly. But I coulnt just ask him. I’m so dumb, I just shoulda askd him to go.

But he didn’t ask so I ended up goin w/ this ugly f**kr in one of my classes cause goin with someone better then goin with noone. Rigggggghht? Still tho I was mad cause it was all last minute and I had no dress or nuthin. An my friends were all ready ready. I was so mad. I didn’t kno wether or not I was goin to have a good time.

So we talk about it and end up meetin there like I said I wasn’t dat into da kid. Wen I show up, he didn’t have a flower for me or nuthin. He was late to. Da food wasnot bad though.

So you kno, I jus ignore da kid an hung out with my friends . afta dat the a$$ jus wanted to go hom, an I was like FU! I’m goin out. So I went to Avalon wid my peeps and we had a real good time cause he didn’t cum. latr I did hook up wid him. –Linda Shaffer -Cobble Hill School of American Studies-Brooklyn, NY-Class 05

I was getting out of the prom limousine when my ankle gave way and I fell flat on my face. Everyone was making this huge fuss over me and I just wanted it to stop. I said, “No goddamn it, I’m not leaving until prom is over.” I hopped into the ballroom, steadied my self for pictures and winced in pain through the entire thing

I spent the entire prom night with my ankle propped up on a chair. Everyone came over to see how I was doing. My date stayed with me the entire time. At the end, he actually carried me in his arms to the limousine, and the limo took us to the emergency room, where we were until about 4am. My parents picked me and my date up from the hospital and I graduated on crutches. From what I hear, girls are still talking about it. –Marissa Stokes-Lakewood High School-Lakewood, New Jersey-Class 03