Prom Date Stories

Date Stories

There was this guy in my high school I had a HUGE crush on. He wasn’t really that cute, but he had really great eyes and there was something about him that made me think he was somehow deeper than the other kids. I didn’t have the nerve to ask him to the prom. But he ended up going to prom with my best friend. I introduced him to at MY SWEET SIXTEEN! She was my best friend, and still is, so it’s not like I could get mad or anything. But I was mad. Actually, scratch that, I was REALLY PISSED.

I ended up going with my 3rd choice to prom. He was a guy on the track team with me, well we never ran together, but we stretched together. Don was actually much cuter than Alex, but I had a crush! Liza and Alex came in our limo because Liza was my best friend and didn’t know anyone else at my school. For one dance, Liza and I switch partners. I was so excited just to be touched by Alex, but I didn’t want to give anything away, because I’d rather die than let him know that I liked him.

When Don comes back to me for the next dance he asks to see me outside. I walk out into the foyer with him and he tells me that Liza felt really bad about going with Alex to the prom, cause she knew I had a crush on him, but that he thought I was a bit of a stalker, which in my opinion made no sense. I mean I didn’t even have his phone number. I DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE A STALKER. I’M TO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s not what Don really wanted to talk about though. He wanted to know if I actually liked Alex, and if I did, why did I go with him? Don, it turns out, had a huge crush on me, and thought I was “different.” So Alex wasn’t what I thought he was. He’s a toad and now my poor best friend is stuck with him. Don, as it turns out was the prince. After that night, I had my first real boyfriend. I love him so much!!!!–Yvonne Herbie-The Hun School-Princeton, New Jersey

I was so nervous asking joanne to prom. She was just so pretty. She had eyes the color of violets. I wanted to be with her. One day I saw her as I was walking back to my car and she said hi to me. I don’t know why I took that as my cue, but I asked her right then. Stupid I know. But she said yes…so it worked

I never thought id be going to prom with a goddess. I just thought I’d go with, you know a normal person. I didn’t have any money of my own. I was too busy with sports to work. I never really had time. I had to ask my parents for the money. They wanted to meet her. I told her if I had to introduce them, it would be right before prom, then they could take pictures like the rest of the parents do. For some reason, they gave me the money for the limo and the tux rental. I was surprised.

I made sure to get a hair cut right before the prom, I ordered the limo, and I really didn’t speak to Joanne that much after, because she was just so beautiful…I kept freezing. She asked me what I thought of going into the city after prom and I just said ok. She came to me a few days later with an idea to go to a NY comedy club and I was fine with that. so I took the number she gave me for the reservations and I made them adding the expense to the “I owe mom and dad” list.

My parents followed my car in their car so they could take pictures of me and Joanne at her house with our friends. She let me slip the corsage on her wrist and she pinned my boutonniere on me. The scent of her perfume was just intoxicating. I couldn’t help but smile like a fool the whole night.

I made a poor attempt at dancing at the prom, and was happy it was over when it was. I was also really happy that we went to a comedy club afterwards, cause I’m not a good dancer at all

At Joanne’s door, I give her a chaste kiss on her cheek and she pulls me back for our first real kiss. We started dating that night. Now we go to the same college, and we’re still together. –Walter Parker-East Brunswick High School-East Brunswick, NJ-Class 05

Yo. Wut up? So my prom was a few years ago but I remember it pretty good. There was this hot chick who used to cum out w/ us when we were hangin out. She was asian and danced a lot. We had a computer class together. That was the only class I really went to and liked. I was real scared to ask her cause she was sexy as hell. I nearly choked and started sweatin.

But she said ok and we started hangin out a lot more to plan everythin. I thought my parents wuldn’t like her, but they did. she mostly took care of everythin. Cept the limo. I had to find out where to get that from. Man it costs mad f#Ckin money! She told me where to get the suit and stuff. It wasn’t that comfortable and I felt kinda funny. I wanted to do somethin more my style. we were meeting at her place. Her mom is kinda strict. Shes a real good student. I ain’t that good a student. I could be if I wanted tho.

So we met at her place about 6 and her mom flashed lots o pictures. The limo was a lil run down and Id wished I coulda seen you know…pics of it first

We were hookin up in the limo the whole time. And my boyz that were wid me were all hookin up wid there girls too. The night pretty much was like that the whole night. We all went right from prom to NYC comedy club an it was hot cuz it had free shit. Ya know?–Ty Johnson,-John Dewey HS.-Brooklyn, NY-Class 04

I had a crush on dean for the looooooooooooooooongest time eva! All I wanted was to take him to the prom and I heard that he might ask me cause we used to all hang out together right? So anyway, I don’t wait for no one to ask me and I just go and get my dress, cause I figure I can go alone if I have to, and I don’t want to be stuck with no dress that make me look bad. So I buy this real hot backless black and white dress with a real low neckline and I just know that I’ll look so fly. Finally 2 months b4 the prom the guy finally gets the balls to ask me and he’s all like, you wanna go and I was like yah aight.

So like he and I don’t really make the plans together or nuthin we just agree on the time. He takes care of most of the shit. I know that his crew is prolly gonna wanna go in our car, tho. That day I get my hair dun up all fancy and I have this real nice jewelry I bought to go with my dress. I put sparkles around my eyes and I use a body shimmer.

Dean shows up at mine at 7 so my mom could take pics, and so we could pick up the rest of our crew with dis long ass stretch hummer.

So we go to the prom and we dance for the whole stretch. We can’t keep our hands off each other. Then we go into NYC in the hummer and we go to Exit and we kept dancing till the sun came up and I had the finest night with the finest boy–Tina Monroe-Christopher Columbus High School-Bronx, New York-Class 06

So I didn’t think that I was going to go to Prom at all because my girl at the time went to another school. So I wasn’t going to stress it I was gonna just chill with some friends that had nothing to do with Prom and nothing to do with school stuff.

It was only a few days before Prom that Jenna; this girl I had a crush on for years. She was always with the popular crowd in school, but she was my lab partner in Chem class for a year. Anyway; I just ran into her one day and we started talking. One day I came over to her house and we made out for a few hours. I thought she was dating someone, she was always dating someone. But I guess from then on she was dating me.

I had no desire to go to the Prom at this point either, but she really wanted to go; so I thought “why not.” It would be a lot of money, but I get to show off a little to the guys that thought I was a looser for the last 4 years.

I picked out a corsage, I rented a tux, I did my best to look classy I showed up at her door, picked her up and we just went. We had a great time at prom, we drank, we partied. I honestly had a blast. We didn’t have it in the fanciest hotel; but it was really great.

Then afterwards; well we parked the car and we did it. It was the first time for me, but she wasn’t a virgin. She said she had lots of experience. And for me it was great. I guess prom night for me was great even though I didn’t come with a whole lot of my friends, I wasn’t even planning on being there at all, but it turned out to be the best night of my life so far. There’s been lot’s of stuff since that has topped it, but I’m glad I was open minded and I’m glad I was lucky.
Jack Garziniddi
Madison High School 2003
Brooklyn New York.

It was 8:00 p.m and I lead Adam to the rooftop of the Marriot Marquis Hotel in N.Y.C. The night was clear and all you could see were the city lights. The air was motionless and everything around us was quiet. My red prom dress revealed just enough skin for Adam to see me shiver as he stroked my shoulder and pulled my hair away from my eyes. I was nervous and Adam sort of looked like a schoolboy not knowing what to say to a girl he had a crush on for all four years of High School. I was avoiding his eyes because deep inside me my heart was pounding and I was afraid to let him see me nervous. Instead I concentrated on my freshly painted ‘Hott Pink’ toe nails.

As I opened my mouth to let any type of sound come out, it finally happened, the moment that me and all my girlfriends talked about yesterday on the phone, while we glossed our lips, and shooed away our parents because the thought about them finding out what my plans for prom were, would have just been mortifying. I was finally kissed by the hottest 12th grader in all of Madison High School. Everything Stopped. Time stopped. My heart stopped. I was amazed that his lips could feel so silky up against mine. I never imagined myself to fall so hard. I was falling at an uncontrollable rate. I was shaking and I was pulled into his world at the same time. Drip, Drip, Drip, it started to rain.

His lips parted mine and at that moment we became one. My tongue sensually, was rubbing up against his. I felt like a hungry baby wanting more milk from its mother’s breast. Nothing mattered to me at that point not even the rain. Our bodies were soaked and wet and I was feeling pain in my lungs from not having any air. I didn’t care. If I were going to die that night from lack of air I would die over and over again because the feeling of death felt so good. The rain turned Adam on and he put his hands on my face and kissed deeper. If I had to choose that very moment between my last breath and giving it up to him, I would die a thousand times only to know he had my last breathe in him.

I had never had a kiss like this before. Maybe it was the wait, maybe it was the timing but it felt beyond right. All great things come to an end and what seemed like eternity had ended as well. We were both still in after shock and then Adam responded first, “WOW,” he said, still with his eyes closed. That night the rain continued and after prom we went our separate ways home. Our first kiss was also our last, we graduated, went to two different universities, and had begun two separate lives, but I will never forget how time stopped and he took my breath away.
Sophia, Madison High School, 2000

My boyfriend was in the Navy when I was in high school. He used to go to my high school and we started dating the summer before my sophomore year. I didn’t think he’d agree to go to my prom with me, even though I wanted him to, but he did and I was really, really happy that he did. Because he was in the armed forces, he decided to wear his formal uniform to our prom and it looked really nice next to the slinky black dress I had picked out. It was weird seeing him dance to the dj music, when he was wearing a suit that made me think of “An Officer and a Gentleman.”

We had a really good time and most of my friends had never met Tommy because he was always away. I felt like this was the perfect time to introduce him. Our prom was held in a hotel, so a few weeks before, Tommy asked if instead of doing something after the prom, if I would like to just stay in the hotel where my prom is, and we could order room service. So we actually had suit cases in our limo, which we brought up before the prom started. After the prom was over, I peeled the shoes off my feet, went to the hotel room and got to change into my fluffy pajamas. I wouldn’t have spent my prom any other way. –Caitlin Ferguson East Brunswick High School East Brunswick, New Jersey Class 04

I went to the prom with my ex-boyfriend, Paul. We went out for a stint in freshman year and broke up after 3 months when I dumped him to go out with this guy on the swim team. But that didn’t really last cause the guy was too clingy for me. Since me and Paul had not broken up on bad terms (cause I didn’t want to tell him that I dumped him for another guy), we became friends. Good friends. He asked me to go to the prom with him one day while we were playing Smash Brothers at his house with our other friend Mica. I said why not.

So everything is perfect, right? I got the perfect dress, I had the perfect hair. And dancing with him felt natural because I had already done it. Anyway after the prom, we go out dancing and then we stop at McDonald’s on the way home cause the bunch of us are starving. Anyway, he asks me then and there, in front of everyone why we broke up. And I lied, cause I didn’t want to admit something like that. The truth is that I really still liked him but didn’t have the guts to tell him that, since I was the one who dumped him.

I told him that I just wasn’t ready back then for a real relationship…so he asked me if I was now, and I said that I was. He asked me back out and I said I would. Then he took out a Princess Peach patch from his pocket…that’s my character in smash. It was just a joke, but I thought it was so thoughtful. Paul and I got engaged two years later.–Alexandra Leotta Portland High School Portland, Maine Class 01

So early on in the year, I decide to go with Joey (my gay best friend) to prom. Since I wasn’t seeing anyone and he wasn’t seeing anyone, and the probability was that neither one of us would be seeing anyone, we just figured we’d skip the grief of not being asked to prom and ask each other. The one good thing about having Joey as a date was I could bring him with me to pick out my dress and not be shy. My mom came with us. She loves Joey and thinks of him like a second son. In my sophomore year, I had a crush on him…but when he came out to his girlfriend and to me, I figured it was better this way anyway. His parents STILL don’t know he’s gay, and I obviously changed his name in this thing cause I don’t want to out him or anything.

So Joey and I worked really well on prom together. He helped me pick out the limo, and he paid for it, and my mom got really involved in the whole thing. Mikey, Jessica, Miriam and Ian were also going in our limo. So we all decided to meet at my house, where my mom decided to throw us a “Coketail” party. My little sister decided it would be fun to dress up like a waitress and serve me and my friends. We took tons of pictures, and then headed out. In the limo, Joey turned to me and said… “You know, that dress…you really should have laid off the sweets Amy…” I was already self conscious enough in this tiny little pink dress. First of all, one wrong move and I’d spill out…hello!!!

The best thing about taking Joey to my prom was that I knew I was going to have a good time, and I really did. Joey is in drama club with me and a really great dancer. He twirled me around all night long and I’ve never had so much fun. The next day, we all packed into the car and drove to DC where Joey, being 18 had made us all hotel reservations. After prom everyone speculated that we were a couple, and that we had done it. We played it off as if we were.–Amy Rosen John F. Kennedy High School Silver Spring, Maryland Class 04

So I got my prom date to ask me by spreading rumors that I liked him. I simply said to the most talkative girl in my study hall how I liked this guy and totally wanted him to ask me to the prom. Well needless to say it totally got back to rob and he asked me out by the next week. And yea we became a couple like a few weeks after that.

I buy my dress with like 10 of my best friends and we pick out this really sexy dress that looks like the dress that Julia Roberts wore to the Oscars a few years ago. You know, that black one with the white stripe down the center? Yeah, that one. I totally thought it was the like the best dress I’ve ever seen because like I really wanted to look perfect. The day before the prom I get my nails done at this salon that’s a few miles 1away from me, and they came out so perfect. I had this really pretty French manicure done and I wouldn’t trade those nails for anything. I did get a little zit two days before. But I totally popped it before anything showed.

So like the day of the prom I got my hair swept up into this really pretty French twist and then mounted the curls to the top of my head. I thought I looked like one of those medieval princesses or something. Except you know, I used shampoo.

Five couples were in our limo and we had this stretch hummer that my lame date wanted to play frank Sinatra in. I mean hello? Hasn’t ever heard of real music? The prom is really pretty and everyone looks really nice, except that fat girl in my 3rd period class. She looked like a hog in silk. Honestly. Why did she even bother coming –Ariel Buckner Hartford Public High School Hartford, Connecticut

When I was a sophomore, I had a boyfriend that went to a different school. This guy in my study hall asked me to prom. I told him I’d have to run it by my boyfriend first. I asked my boyfriend, jay, if it would be okay if I went with the guy to his prom cause sophomores can’t go to the prom unless they have a senior date. Jay was real understanding because he wanted to ask me if he could go with a senior to her prom as well.

I go shopping and find this really cute zum-zum dress with a denim corset and it came with a bottle of silver sparkly nail polish. Well anyway, Greg picks me up at my house in his car and tells me how beautiful I look. When I look at him, I notice how beautiful he looks in his suit too. I never noticed that Greg had blue eyes before. Or how tall he was. I was in love with my boyfriend. We went to the same elementary school and used to play Othello during our recesses. Then he moved to another town and I didn’t see him again until I was 12 at a friend’s Bar Mitzvah. After that we were inseparable. One day we decided to go to the movies together…and we end up sharing our first kiss at a comic book store. We had been together ever since. But it was so innocent. Something about Greg was…sexy.

Greg is a really great date. He is a real gentleman. He kept a really respectful distance, knowing that I had a boyfriend, and he didn’t want to offend me. But every time he looked me in the eye, I could feel myself going beet red. There was a slow dance, and he takes my hand and we sort of get…well, absorbed by the music. I remember I put my head on his shoulder, then I was looking at him, then we started kissing. I was overwhelmed with guilt, but I just couldn’t stop!

The next day I had to call Jay and tell him about the whole thing. I felt so bad. He dumped me on the spot and Greg and I started dating. We stopped dating when he went off to Ithaca. I haven’t spoken to Jay since that day. –Cara O’Donnell Old Bridge High School Old Bridge, NJ Class 03

I’ll never forget the day I was asked to the prom. It was right before a band competition. No, not a band competition. THE band competion at Giants Stadium. It was so cold that we were huddling together for warmth before we had to line up. The snare drummer, we’ll call him Andy, came up to me and asked if he could talk to me for a second. The drummers and the color guard don’t really talk to each other that much, so I was a little confused. That’s when he asked me to the prom. He picked that moment, right before the band championship. Of course I said yes, but I must have dropped my flag 10 times during the songs. I was so distracted. I didn’t even know he liked me

But he actually turned out to be a really great guy. He took me shopping for my dress and I took him to go rent his tux. We made all the plans together. And he wanted to make sure I liked the limousine. We spent a lot of time preparing for everything. As he was paying for the limo, he got to choose who went in it with us…half the hunky drummers and their dates….mmmm….

He was really strong and knew how to salsa, there was a surprise… I only found that out after the prom though, when we went to the Copacabana, and he showed me his skills. ——Elaine Silverstien-Piscataway High School-Piscataway, NJ-Class 05

I’ll never forget the girl I was dating in high school. Man was she cool. She and I could talk for hours and I’d never get bored listening to her talk. I told her I loved her after 3 months and I meant it. Actually it was the last time I ever really did say I love you and mean it. Kristin was also my prom date. The night of prom Kristen stayed at my house “In our guest room.” That didn’t happen.

I picked Kristin up an hour before prom began. She wore this blue dress that really hugged her body and I couldn’t get enough of her that night. Her family took pictures, and then we all went to get the rest of the people in our limo. In the limo we held hands and kissed, and when we got to the prom there was just more of that. She loved dancing, so I tried to get into it, but I’m lanky so I’m sure I looked like an idiot. But she didn’t care.

We didn’t do anything after prom. We went straight back to my house. My parents were already asleep. That night, Kristin and I had sex for the first time. She fell asleep in my arms. At 5am, I had to wake her up because I didn’t want my parents finding her in my bed. The next morning, she came down to breakfast in pigtails. My parents took a picture of us that morning, and I still have it. I look at it every once and a while to remind myself of better times. —George Westbrook-Huron High School-Ann Arbor, Michigan-Class 99

I’m such a hopeless romantic. I can’t help it. I’ve been dreaming about the prom since my older sister went to hers when I was in the 8th grade. I used to collect prom magazines because I wanted to have just the right dress. It was the shoes that were the biggest thing though. I wanted to have a night like Carrie Bradshaw. I wanted a glamorous night with an expensive dress, that I’ve put money aside for from my job at McDonalds. I wanted my hair to have little ringlets and frame my face. My abuela came with me shopping cause she wanted to be apart of my prom experience. It was so cute. She can be real forceful though so I wasn’t about to talk back. She and I argue about the length of the dress cause I wanted something short, so I could dance and show off the shoes I bought. Cause we were going to the Copacabana after. But she wanted me to wear something long and classic. Finally I find a gorgeous brown dress that was fitted but not so much that you can see EVERYTHING. It was pretty plain though, so my Abuela decided to jazz it up with a little lace.

My only problem is that I couldn’t find a date. I didn’t get it. I had my dress…all the info I needed and even a full car for the limo. Lots of people for the limo, actually. My friends wanted to get the stretch hummer with their boys. So I was like…okie. I have to ask someone. Not an easy thing to do believe me! These guys always seem to travel in packs.

The friends I wanted to go with all had dates already. One day my friends were over and I said and we literally just picked a guy, lets call him CJ, out of our yearbook! Mama came into my room while we were deciding and she was like, “oh si, beba….he’s cute!” So now I had to ask him. It took me a whole week to get my courage up.

We had photography together so I just kind of stumbled up to him and said, “Uhm…do you have an um….date…to the prom?”

“I do if you’ll go with me,” he said.

He told me later that he’d wanted to ask me the whole time, but was too nervous. –Jasmine Rodriguez – Abraham Lincoln High School – Class 06 – Brooklyn, NY

For my prom, I took my friend Tyler. He wasn’t much into that whole prom thing and I never really expected him to be. But I decided that I didn’t particularly care much and he was a good about it. for me, the dress was an impossible find. Dresses are easy to find if you’re a size 0 or something, but I’m a size 18 and my choices are limited. I hated shopping for a prom dress. I felt the fabric cut into my skin and I just wanted to see a dress that not only fit but made me like a 0. Except miracle fabric hasn’t been invented yet and I have yet to find a dress designer that has that capability. Eventually, we settle on this ugly black dress that isn’t pretty, just plain and fits me in fact is a little big.

Tyler picks me up and gives me the corsage, and I pin him with his boutonniere. We take a few pictures, and I make a mental note to air brush out the fat under my arms with Photoshop later. We get to the prom and everyone is dancing. Even Tyler is in the mood to dance, but I hate dancing. Every time I thought about dancing in the past, I always thought about the way my bare arms looked jiggling in the light. My nick name was “Killer whale,” back in high school. But Tyler gave me one of his, “you know you want to glances,” and I was lost. I got up and had my first dance with my boyfriend at the prom. –Rachel Walling-Spotswood High School-Spotswood, New Jersey-Class 04

I couldn’t wait till prom night. I really needed to get laid. I could not go into college a virgin. Prom was my last chance. Where was I gonna meet a girl?

Anyway I worked all year. I made sure I had the money for me and my date. I took this really cute foreign girl, if anyone was gonna put out it was gonna be her.

I took her out a few times, and she told me she really wanted to go to prom, at least that’s what I thought she was saying. I really didn’t care about the prom, I was only looking forward to the night. I needed sex, and I know it sounds like I was a horny teenager, but I was and I still am.

The bottom line is that this girl put out and it was great, and it was worth it. I’m pretty sure she was a slut before I got to her, but if she wasn’t I made her into one; but I honestly don’t care. I got what I needed from prom and I wouldn’t trade one second of it for anything.–Richard Skillman-Midwood HS-Brooklyn New York 05

I know I’m a guy, but I was really excited about Prom. Mostly cause I had a hot date. I actually had a blast. My girl was almost guaranteed prom queen and I was guaranteed king. I mean who else would it be right?

Anyway, I picked out my tux, I even helped pick out her dress cause I wanted everyone to be pissed that they weren’t me when I walk in there.

I rented a limo so we could make a sick entrance and we did. We had the sickest time at the prom; and the highlight of the night of course was when they were calling us for Prom King and Queen. She looked amazing; I was looking at all the guys staring at her and I just couldn’t wait until they called me up to stand next to her so they would get even more jealous. I loved every minute of it.

When they called me up I just ran up there, they had the spot-light on us; we took mad picks, and then we had the spot-light dance. It was one of the best nights to look back on and they even put those picks in the yearbook.

Then we left; hung out a bit and went to a hotel. She put out; which made the whole night perfect. I was going away to college and I just couldn’t go there a virgin, at least that’s what I told her; (she believed me). Anyway, we had a great night except that she bled all over my tux pants, I dunno how I got the guy to take ’em back and still got my deposit back. Anyway it was great.

I can’t wait till the reunion when I’m gonna walk in with an even hotter girl.—Scott Dendoff-Cass Technical High School-Detroit, Michigan 05

I was asked to prom by this guy I had only ever talked to a few times in the morning b4 class. It was in March, so I was happy that I had a date and I knew I was going to the prom for sure. I went out by myself, and I found a dress I thought would look great. Only it needed serious alterations. They didn’t have it in my size, so I got the next size up. I have a very small chest and I was swimming in it. So I took it to a place for alterations. I got it back a week before the prom was all wrong. Now, instead of me swimming in the dress I could hardly breathe. Worst of all, the lady who did the alterations said she couldn’t fix it. I was so mad.

The guy I went to prom with was really sweet, but kind of quiet. The whole night he stayed by me, but didn’t really say anything. I kept trying to start conversations, but he kept giving me one word answers. After the prom, we went to his friend’s house for a party. Then he dropped me off home. The next day, we went candlestick bowling with a few of my friends. It was pretty fun. —Dianne Pembroke- Castle School – Cambridge, Massachusetts – Class 05

Prom, Prom, Prom that’s all my friends were talking about. I mean like I wanted to go but like what were they getting so worked up over. You go, you drink, you dance, you boink; and that’s what I did.

I went there, I had fun, I snuck some grey goose, and I boinked Johnny Declamanto. What was the big deal, I mean I lost it like sophomore year. They acted like prom is this big reason to loose your virginity. And I think that sex is sex and prom is prom. I mean I love sex, but prom is just a dressy party with school kids.

I had sex before prom, I had sex after prom, and I think I’m gonna have sex tonight a bunch of times. I dunno what to say about these things, but if you have to go to prom to get laid or you’re looking for an excuse to get laid, the excuse should be that you’re horny not that you’re at prom, cause if I spent all that money just to have sex I would feel so cheap.

That’s pretty much my experience, not bad, but nothing special.–Amanda, Bloomfield High Bloomfield, MI Class of 06.