Prom Commitee Planning

Prom Committee Planning

By: Tom Sosnowski

Planning and executing the perfect prom is a much greater task than it appears to be on the surface. That is why your prom committee should be composed of more than just a group of friends who think it will be fun. There are a number of jobs and they have to be divvied up-music, food, photographer, etc-with the assurance the final recommendation with be the correct one.

Here is a list of tips that will help your committee hire the best.

Get Started
Proms fall during a hectic time of the year-spring. This means weddings, graduations and junior cotillions, among others. There are only so many days available during your window of opportunity. In order to get the top talent, you need to start early in deciding on a date. Weeknights are the best as weekends are incredibly competitive for booking services.

Delegate Responsibility
Dragging the entire prom committee to every band/DJ, florist or photographers is a big misuse of resources. Break down your committee into smaller subcommittees and assign each one a specific task and then let them go at it. Everyone should have a guideline of the budget for their subcommittee and a standard set of questions to ask each person or company being looked at. This way, when you reconvene as a whole committee, everything can be debated. Weighting choices one through three is the proper protocol here.

Take Recommendations
Ask around you those who have recently had a prom. Maybe an older brother, sister or friend can steer you in the right direction. There are a lot of people out there that would like to make money with their services during your prom, they all can not be the best or the best economic choice. After all, is a mediocre DJ going to tell you, “Yeah, I am OK, but not the best.” Recommendations hold a lot of water here.

Better Shop Around
By phone or field trip, each subcommittee needs to call upon numerous possibilities for each service needed. This is not to say you need to call on 20 caterers, but your better his at least 8 to 10 to get a gauge on price as well as choices. You school may have a goof relationship with a particular prom service provider and may offer you a better than average deal.

Background Check
Just like when applying for any job. Get references and do check them. The last thing you need is a no-show entertainer at your prom.

Read Contracts
Before agreeing and signing anything, have a number of people read the contracts. Perhaps this should be done with a school administrator. Make sure you know the consequences of canceling or rescheduling or anything else that may affect the agreed upon price.

Make sure there are no typos in dates, times, venues or rate of pay. This is critical to having a great prom as well as not being held legally responsible for any mix ups.

Recheck Everything
Once everything seems to be finalized, go over everything one more time. Time, place, length of prom, flowers, DJ, food, etc. all have to be finalized and confirmed. Leave no stone unturned and your prom will turn out to be a night to remember.