Making Sure You Don’t Wear The Same Dress

Making Sure You Dont Wear The Same Dress

By : Joe Focarino

In the past, there was always a good chance that 2 girls could end up wearing the same exact dress on Prom night. Sounds terrible, I know. But if you happen to find a good deal on a dress, chances are someone else also wanted the good deal. Or if you have a favorite store, chances are it is also another girls favorite store. If your school or neighborhood only has one mall around then these odds become even higher. With all that being said, No girl should have to ruin her prom night by having to change last minute or not feel as great because of such a simple and avoidable mistake.

My Suggestion to avoid this is simple. Make a group on social media and give every girl in the grade access to it. Then girls can post up their dresses once they are purchased and everyone will have an idea of what someone else is wearing. This is not only great for helping inspire girls who are unsure of what to wear, but also will eliminate the fear of prom being ruined due to buying the same dress. With so many online stores and websites now, it will be easier to find variety and everyone can still find ways to feel great in their very own, unique dress.