By: Lori Kremen

Party favors are essential to any prom. Students attending the prom will want some sort of keepsake. After all, they are paying a sizable amount of money for their admission to the prom. In the years to come, students will look at their prom memorabilia with a lot of sentimentality. They may even show the prom souvenirs to their children one day. The seemingly simple task of picking out a few party favors can quickly become a very time consuming task.

There are hundreds of companies that cater to party favors and most of the companies will customize their products to include your schools name and date of the prom. These party favors can be picture frames, candle sticks, champagne flutes, key rings, candy boxes or anything else you can think of. You may want to order many different souvenirs. If you are going to customize wine glasses or champagne flutes; you might want to throw a few Hershey kisses into each glass.

Most customized party favors come in packages and are relatively inexpensive, compared to the rest of your expenses. You should order the party favors no less than 90 days prior to the event. Make sure to ask for a sample order, and sign off privileges on the template. You do not want to have 300 picture frames with a misspelled name or incorrect date.

When ordering the party favors, make sure to inquire about satisfaction guarantees, returns, modifications, and shipping insurance. Once the orders are placed, you will need to have the party favors shipped to someones address. If the party favors are fragile, make sure to handle the favors with care until the day of the prom. If you are placing the items on the tables, be very careful not to place the fragile items to close to the edge of the table.