It is Almost Prom Season

Is your child going to a school prom or formal this year? If so there are quite a few things you may want to consider. For starters make sure you know who your child will be going to the prom with. Make sure you ask all the questions, you’ll want to know where they’re going, what they will be doing, and what time they will be home.

If there are any parties afterwards you want to make sure it is either a school sponsored event, or if it is in someone’s home that there will be parental supervision. It is proven fact that kids are more than 80% more likely to try drugs or alcohol if they are left unsupervised in the mix of peer pressure.

You also need to make it perfectly clear that if there is any drinking involved, that they do not need to fear any repercussions should they need to call for a ride. Of course there will be repercussions, but don’t make that the reason for them not to call you. Thinking back to my senior prom, I would’ve been more afraid to call my parents for a ride and to tell him I had been drinking. They do not do anything to make me feel that way, they were just very strict, and did not come out and say it would be okay to call for a ride.

David Kunstek, webmaster and author of