Getting To After Prom On Time

The great thing about New York City is that most venues close at 4am. That gives students the opportunity to go to their prom and still have time to get to an after prom event and party all night. In other cities, after proms can usually only go until 2 am. In NYC though, it can go until 4 am. So even if your prom ends at 11 pm or 12pm, there is still plenty of time to party. Plan ahead, understand how far away you are from the after prom venue, and do not waste time making stops in between are all important steps for getting there at a good time.

We encourage all students to make the most out of their after prom events and in doing so we suggest getting straight into your transportation and be on your way. Some students have at least a 30 minute to an hour drive just to get to the club. If the prom happens to end late, then that is all time that can be wasted for after prom. We estimate most proms end around 10 to 11pm so we advise students to try getting to the after prom venue by midnight. That is also to avoid waiting in long lines and will also guarantee you entry into the club before the main performances of the night.