Get The Word Out

Get the Word Out

By: Lori Kremen

To spread the word about the time and date of the prom, you and your prom committee will want to advertise the event around school. Hanging flyers in the hall ways and in senior class rooms is a great way to let students know when the prom is, where it will be, what the theme is, and where and when the students can purchase the tickets.

If you have a prom theme and you want students to dress up, you should make that clear in what ever advertising medium you use.

Make sure to get permission from your schools administrators before you hang anything. All you need to print flyers is a flyer design (either you or one of your committee members can design a flyer), a printer, a stack of printer paper, plenty of ink, and some sort of hanging device (like sticky tack or thumb tacks).

The morning announcements are also a good way to get the word out about your prom. Ask the person who coordinates your morning loudspeaker announcements to incorporate a short blurb about the prom once a week or so in the days leading up to the prom. Including details, such as whether or not students will be allowed to skip classes the day of the prom may be a good blurb to include.