Fund Raising Ideas


Fund Raising Ideas

By: Lori Kremen

Senior Servant Auction: While the name sounds abrasive, the senior servant auction can actually be a lot of fun. Your prom committee can work with the student council and school administrators to sign up willing senior boys and girls who want to help lower the price of the prom ticket. You might want to ask members of athletic teams to put themselves up on the auction block for a good cause. Once auctioned, the senior will have to obey the person who bought him or her for a day. Obviously, the school will insist on restrictions. Alternatively, you could auction off a date with the senior. Since the committee is not making or purchasing anything, the cost of this fundraiser is very low.

Sell Advertising: You may want to consider asking local business for set contributions (anywhere from $20 to $100) in exchange for posting a small advertising square in your program. Businesses are always looking to advertise, especially with high school students.

Bake Sale: Student and teachers can never fully satisfy their appetites for sweets. Asking a few students, teachers and PTA members to donate baked goods can help you raise a lot of money one brownie at a time. Be sure to have a healthy alternative for the senior girls on a diet. You can either sell baked goods during lunch periods, before or after school, or during athletic events.

Poker Tournament: Texas Hold em is on ESPN, so it must be a sport, right? Casinos make a lot of money when they hold poker tournaments, why should schools not make money from them as well? In most states gambling is illegal, but asking students to contribute a ten dollar buy-in to play for some kind of prize is legal. You could even make the grand prize a free prom ticket, if there are more than a certain number of participants. If you want to allow non-seniors to participate, then offering a free prom ticket isn’t necessarily a good prize. A video game system or ipod might be a good prize. You will have to purchase enough playing cards and poker chips for everyone involved. In addition, you will need several volunteers to sit at each table as dealers. If you collaborate with your administrators, you could hold the tournament after school in the cafeteria and use the lunch tables (as long as the tables are round).

Raffle: Holding a raffle only requires the purchase of a roll of tickets and a few pens. You will also have to purchase a prize worth winning. Try to keep the prize under $100 dollars, or you will lose money on the raffle. Set goal for how many tickets are sold instead of setting an end date for the raffle. If by a certain date, maybe three months before the prom, if you don’t have your number, then draw the raffle and cut your losses.

Rummage Sale: One man/woman’s trash is another’s treasure. Have students donate their old clothes, accessories, gently worn shoes, video games, books or anything else other people want to donate. Once you have enough goods to hold a good sale, organize the time to hold the sale in an agreed upon area. Because the items are used, price the items inexpensively.