Figuring Out Prom Expenses For Guys

By: Joseph Focarino

As exciting as the thought of Prom Night is, there is also plenty of stress that comes along with it. First thing that comes to mind is finding a date. That is always something that many guys will have to stress over and I will save my tips on asking girls out for another article. The second most stressful thing I can think of is prom expenses for guys, and that is what I am here to talk about now.

First off, we need to understand the tings that are most likely going to be needed. Hopefully, you have afew things on the list already and that can help lighten up the cost a bit.

  • Tuxedo – clearly something needed for such an occasion. Maybe you have to rent one or maybe you already own one. If you do have one, i would suggest atleast getting it tailored to fit you just right so you can look sharp on your big night. If renting a suit, I would expect to pay anywhere from $150 – $200.

  • Corsage – Another item that is pretty much customary on Prom Night. Basically a Corsage is the item that a man is supposed to buy for their date and you should not break tradition here. Often times it is not too expensive but i would expect to pay about $30 for a good corsage.

  • Prom / After Prom Tickets – Now this one is more so depending on what the plans are for after prom but the most likely scenario is that the school is charging about $100 for a prom ticket per person and then you and your friends will buy tickets to go somewhere else after. That is 2 seperate tickets and both are usually required to make Prom night worth while. The Prom ticket is obviously essential but the after prom ticket is where you have some options. For us at PromTime we sell our tickets at $45 for General Admission and $60 for VIP and that is for all our exclusive Nightclubs. With that being said, we expect your ticket costs in total to be around $150 and $300 if you are choosing to pay for your date as well.

  • Transportation – This one is flexible. If you have a ride to prom and after prom then luckily for you this is an expense you will not have to worry about. For many though, they want to ride in style so they rent out a party bus or limo with their friends. If you are one of these people that choose to do it big, then we expect your transportation for the night to cost you about an additional $100. Ofcourse there are many variables here including how many people are splitting the cost with you and also the cost of the vehicle itself. Some Limos are $5oo and others can be $2000. So choose your limousine or party bus wisely and make sure everyone that will be riding in it pays there fair share.

All in all, Prom is a one of a kind night so do not be afraid to spend the money necessary to have a great time. This may be your last chance to have such a great time with all your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. The total cost for guys we estimate to be around $500, but ofcourse every school and plan is different. So whatever the costs may be, we just suggest that you do your research, make sure everything is legit that you are paying for, and also try to get all your friends involved because the more people splitting the cost of transportation, the better and less pricey that aspect of the night will be.