Figuring Out Prom Budgets For Guys

Figuring out Prom Budget – For Guys

By: Tom Sosnowski

There is a drastic difference in spending a guy does for his prom as opposed to a girl. And in this category, the guy makes out pretty well as you can rent just about everything you need for the night. But you have flowers, food, transportation and other expenses that will be tacked on to your final tally. If you want to make this a great night, pony up and spend a buck. Remember, prices vary from region to region. This is just a general overview of what some costs can be.

Tickets $______: No tickets, no entry. Prom tickets help fund the prom so this is a no-brainer expense. Unless you are with a long-time steady, the couple should split the ticket cost. The average cost of a prom ticket is around $100, depending on your geographic location, obviously.

Dinner $______: Many prom goers skip the pre-prom dinner as dinner is included with most prom packages. If you do have a dinner, pricing vary widely, from $20 to $40 per person. See if you can get a pre-fix meal. Many restaurants off this fixed rate at $19.95 or somewhere in that area. If you are going in a large group, the pre-fix is the best way to go so no in the group ends up paying a large tab an only eating the small side salad.

Tuxedo $______: Tuxedos run the gamut in price. A basic non-designer tux can run around $70 to $90. But if you are looking for something from a designer or something besides the basic cummerbund such as a vest, you are looking at added expenses. Tuxedo shirt: $25, Shoes $15. All together you are looking to spend around $150 for your entire outfit for the night other accessories may include cuff links and packet hanky.

Corsage $______: What better way to drop $20 to $30 dollars than a few flowers clustered together that get crushed all night. There are two options, the pin-on and the wrist corsage.

Transportation $______: Drive your own car? Rent a Limo. Go with just your date? Or pack a Hummer limo. Cost is at your discretion here. A limo is going to run $50 to $300 dollars and hour depending on the quality of what you rent. One of the best and safest plans is to take your own car so you can leave whenever you want and save yourself a bunch of cash.

Hair $______: Once again guys, you luck out here because for $15 or $20, you can get a nice trim and look solid for your night. It is at this point you thank god you aren’t a women who is going to drop $150 on hair and makeup.

Pictures $______: You gotta love that posing for pictures during the middle of your prom. Pictures can run a fortune and are usually overkill. Do you really need 40 wallet-sized photos to give to family and friends? I know your parent are going to want pictures and to send them around, but do yourself a fave and get the modest offering.

After Prom $______: An after prom party can be as frugal as a keg at a friends house for 20 or 30 people, or it can involve a planned club party. Once again, the bash at a friend’s house is probably going to cost zilch or next to that. A party at a club is going to run a penny or two. The bigger and more fanciful the event, more then event is going to cost you. For party with food and drinks will probably run around $100, give or take some.