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Embarrassing Prom Stories – Funny Prom Stories

I broke up with my boyfriend like 2 weeks before prom which totally sucked. I had to figure out a date and all that stuff. I had a guy who dug me from another school, so I asked him if he’d like to go with me. He actually gave me the money to get the prom tickets. He was really sweet. So anyway, we get there and I was wearing this really sexy dress. I was secretly hoping that my ex would see me and get mad jealous. That’s like every girls dream, right?

Anyway, my ex showed up with a blow up doll. I’m not making this up. And my date goes up to him and asks, why would he go to the prom alone and with a blow up doll no less? Then he turns to me while he says, “better than going with her.” I get so angry that I throw my dates drink in his face. My date just looks at me and says, I guess the blow up doll was better than going with you and walks out, stranding me. -Zaire Limmonelly -John Bartram High School-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Class 04

My prom story was really funny, actually. I was in a history class arguing about the cold war with this really cute guy. My parents are both Russian immigrants and I lived there until I was 7. So we have a slightly different view of the cold war than most of the people I meet. Anyway, I we started arguing about the fall of the Soviet Union with Michael almost to a shout! My teacher seemed bemused if anything. He and I used to argue a lot.

So it went something like this:

“You just don’t get it!” I shouted

“Maybe not, but you should come to prom with me!” Blink. Blink. I was stunned and for a second I couldn’t say anything I just sat there with my mouth open. I was about to actually say “no way,” when his voice softened and he said, “please,” really sweetly. I could feel the tears welling up and I just nodded. Everyone laughed

So he gives me a call after school and we decide to go on a date to make this whole thing more comfortable. He suggested a movie which was cool with me. That Saturday we went into the city to see the chronicles of narnia which was soooooooo cute. Then we hit up a Starbucks in the village and sat around for hours getting to know each other. By the end of the night, I had a crush on my prom date!

My parents really didn’t do the prom thing when they were my age cause they were kinda poor back then, but they understood it was a huge deal for me. So my mom, who couldn’t see spending a few hundred dollars on a dress came along with me to macys and flatly rejected every dress she saw because she thought they were too revealing. Finally we agreed on this blue dress that had a shawl to cover my shoulders. Dominique my best friend in the whole world was with us, helped me pick it out as a compromise.

So we finalized all of our plans over the next few months and finally that day in May arrived! I woke up with so much excitement and floated from appointment to appointment. We had six people in our limo and a full night ahead of us. First, pictures at my place, then prom, then pasha, then home. And we had the limo for the whole time!!!

In the limo, Michael and I started arguing and by the time we got to the prom, we weren’t speaking. It made the night really awkward. And he wouldn’t dance he just sat at the table. I refused to just sit at the table. So I went to dance with Tiffany, Dominique and their dates.

As we were leaving, Michael pulled me aside and was like, “Hey Yolanda, I’m just going to go home in Keith’s limo. Have fun k?” What a dick! But you know what? I had a much better time without him at Pasha anyway. It’s such an awesome club.

Michael and I didn’t really talk to each other after that. But it’s still one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. -Yolanda Bardovsky – Forest Hills HS – Queens, NY – Class 06

Prom is a huge event in my family, I mean its an event that stands alone, geez I think it deserves a holiday of its own in my family. My mom is so nerotic, she cooked a whole meal before prom and invited jens parents and her to come and PLUMP OUR STOMACHS UP, as she so calls it. I mean who can blame her, when shes right she is right, my mom has 10 kids and I am the baby, and yes she has been through all 9 proms to know that the food will be gone in 20 sec, and all that will be left is a pile of dust, and the bread basket, LOL.

So jen and her family show up at my house with cameras and the whole shpedangle, and were all having pre prom dinner at my house. This is soo classic, I am laughing at it right this second. So the limo is picking us up and me and jen get ready to go to prom and as we walk outdoor, jens shoe or that pointy thing in the back, whatever u girls call it, gets stuck in the crack of the door. Jen didn’t think anything of it since it happens all the time, and as she took a step forward the heel comes flying off. Jen starts to panic and calls for her mom. Her mom is on the way home to get a new pair of shoes, but her dad is trying to fix the pair that she got on, while I am trying to calm her down and tell her that prom is not ruined.

It’s now 9 and we are an hr late to prom, all I am thinking of is that thank god my moms feast was a success, because by this time I am sure there is no more food on the table. Jen ended up wearing a pair of shinny flats that I think looked 10x better than those weapons did, and while everyone was complaining about there feet, she was the only one who was very comfortable and didn’t have feet that hurt!1
Joseph, Hoboken HS, 06

Me and Sam have known each other for years, and it was destiny that we would go to prom together, it’s a very important time in every girls life and u want everything to be perfect, but everything was far from perfect on my prom night.

I had a baby blue dress on, and the night of the prom when me and sam got out of the limo, he noticed a stain on my dress. I didn’t think anything of it since I mean what is there that I could do now? I mean I was already at the prom, he told me to check it out in the bathroom and so I did. The one thing every girl dreads on her prom night is getting her PERIOD, mind you, not only did I get it, I stained my dress. I WAS GOING TO DYE. I started to panic and I didn’t want to get out of the bathroom, I tried to dab it off, but they left a bigger wetter stain, and I was having a panic attack too. I heard a familiar voice in one of the stalls talking ot her mom in the bathroom and started to cry out, KERA, KERA, and she answered YES?

My life wasn’t over afterall, Kera lend me her phone and I called my dad to get my something prom wearable out of my closet, instead of my dad coming to the rescue, my older sister who is married and lives all the way in bklyn, came with one of her old prom dresses. She told me I look fine, that its ok it could happen to everyone and that I should go off and have the best time of my life, because it happens once. And so I did, I had the best time of my life, even though I thought my lie was coming to an end, LOL!1
Mary, Verona HS, 05

I have the body of a 12-year-old boy and nothing will hold up my prom dress! I go shopping with my best friend and we pick out this dress that looks ok. But I don’t have the cleavage to fill it out. I have no hips. So nothing basically will look good on me, but at least the dress I picked out won’t look horrible.

Anyway, we stop in the bra department to find a strapless to go with it and she’s just like, why don’t you just buy those fake things they have at Victoria’s secret, but I’m too embarrassed to get them. So end up buying a regular strapless bra, but on the night of prom, I do end up putting a little toilet paper in there so I won’t look quite so awkward.

Anyway, me and my boyfriend are dancing and he leans over and says, “uh…you might want to tuck yourself in,” and he laughs! I look down and toilet paper is hanging out of the top of my dress! I run to the bathroom and take out the toilette paper so humiliated. And the rest of the night, my boyfriend makes fun of me and by the time we got home from Avalon I wanted to kill him for being such a jerk!–Brittany Gorse-Jones Piscataway High school Piscataway, NJ Class 06

I was nominated for prom queen, and I didn’t know whether or not I’d win, but I was so psyched. People were always telling me that I would win when they saw me in the halls. So I get to the prom and every one is enjoying it and having a good time. My boyfriend is telling me how he can’t believe he’s with the prom queen. Everything was good and everyone was like I’ll bet you’ll get it. I felt so confident.

And they even called me up to the stage as prom queen winner. So I got real excited when they called me up the stage…then the school principle came and whispered something in the class president’s ear, and then the class president was like…oops sorry, we meant Anna! I had to shake her hand on the way down and was so pissed cause I totally hate that bitch. –Cameron Witman Gunderson High School San Jose, California

So I was planning on having this great prom night. And I was all set too. I had my nails done the day before and they looked fabulous. It was the first time I’ve ever had them, though. It was so hard to do anything with these things. I couldn’t use a computer. I couldn’t dial a phone. They were like claws…but they were sexy claws so I didn’t care.

Then there was my dress. It was one of those dresses that looked awful on the hanger, but amazing on. I wouldn’t have even tried it on, but I decided to anyway on an impulse. It was olive green with silver beading around the stomach and bust. I thought it was the most beautiful thing on. It went really well with my dark hair and pale skin.

The night of the prom, my hair is all shiny and curled. I have to say I didn’t really expect to be so tired before the prom even started. So I’m doing up my dress and suddenly, my finger gets caught in the fabric. There was a whole in the dress, and my fingernail was caught. I frantically try to yank it out…but it hurts!!!! After about 5 minutes, I feel this sharp pain my finger…it was awful! But my finger comes loose. Through tears I can see the damage, my middle nail is missing!

In all of my prom pictures, I am giving the camera my middle *nail-less* finger.–Candace Hope Old Bridge High School Old Bridge, NJ Class 04

At first I had the perfect prom date. It was Dan Reese, the cutest boy in school I thought. He asked me early on in the year…Very early…September early. And I was all excited and thought I’d go shopping so I did and I spent 500 dollars on this gorgeous white dress with a floral lacey print on it. I thought I was going to have the perfect prom. I was wrong.

Three months before the prom, Dan called me and told me that he wasn’t taking me to the prom anymore. He said he wanted to take the new girl from California who is in model congress with him. I was so pissed I wanted to freakin kill him. But instead I said I understood, cause we weren’t actually a couple or anything. After he hung up I started hitting pillows and crying hysterically. I’m still pissed about that.

So I figured someone else would ask me. No one did. I ended up buying the prom ticket anyway and going with my younger cousin, Freddie, who I drove in my parents Crown Victoria. After the prom we drove right home and all I could think about was how I would have liked to gone with my original date. It was so embarrassing. –Georgia Peters – Hasbrouck Heights High School – Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey – Class 06

My prom night rocked! Me and 6 of my favorite girls went in a group together, no boyz allowed! We all coordinated our prom dresses. In fact we all had matching tiaras. We planned an awesome after prom party. Jackie scored us V.I.P passes to Roxy on 18th street. Hun, I can’t tell you how awesome it felt rolling up there in a white stretch limo like we were celebs’ or something. The music there was awesome and there were a bunch of different places we could go inside it.

I was partying out to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” when my heel broke. I guess it serves me right for dancing all night on a pair of shoes I bought from Pay less! I danced the rest of the night barefoot (actually Melissa let me borrow a pair of socks she had stuffed in her purse), and was really glad we had that limo at the end of the night. Could you imagine walking home in socks?—Jodie Fleming-Nightingale-Bamford-Class 02

So I met this guy in my lunch that I was totally into. And I really liked. Has asked me if was going to prom, and I said I already had a date, cause it was true. I alreyd agreed to go with my bud, matt. But I promised him a dance there. So matt and I are like having a good time, and this guy I like comes and asks me for the dance I promised.

Matt didn’t have a problem or anything cause we weren’t datin or nothing. Anyway, I start dancing with him and it’s a fast song, and I start raisin my arms, and my strapless dress comes down a little and the rubber things I bought from victoria’s secret pop out. Everyone started laughin. I was so embarrassed. I never talked to the guy again. –Nicole Johnson-Edmonson Westside High School-Baltimore, Maryland-Class 06

Hector asked me to the prom in January and I was glad cause that gave me plenty of time to shop for a dress I found this beautiful black dress that had black beading down the front and this nice deep v. it really showed off my curves, I thought. I also bought the perfect strappy sandals that had a super high heel and looked just like the more expensive ones in Vogue from Jimmy Choo. I loved those. But couldn’t afford 600 bucks for a pair of shoes!

So anyway, my friends and I all plan everything out and the boys spilt the costs. We get the hottest limo we can find and we plan on going into NYC and taking the Sunrise cruise cause it sounded so romantic. Everything was set up to be perfect and I was so excited about getting started. I had my hair done and I had silk wraps put on my nails and I even had the black channel nail polish for the manicurist to use.

So the night of the prom comes and it’s raining like you wouldn’t believe and its ruining everyone’s hair, so we skip the pictures and just jump in the limo when it arrives.

While me and Chris are dancing he steps on my dress and I hear a loud RRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! OMG NO! I start try to look behind me to see that Jon was stepping on my dress while dancing with his girlfriend. I tried to shout at him but the music was too loud. Chris hears me though and moves him off my dress. I run immediately to the bathroom to assess the damage and there it is: the zipper had split right down the side. I wanted to die. –Sherry Walkin-Columbia Senior high school -Maplewood, NJ -Class 06