Convenience Date

Convenience Date

By: Tom Sosnowski

You don’t have a steady and neither does the boy who lives next door and with whom you’ve played with since you were both in diapers. Besides that one experimental kiss when you were both 12 years old, there is simply no romantic attraction at all between you. This scenario has the making of the best prom and after prom you may ever had. Why? Because this night is pressure free!

Many girls, guys, and couples put so much emphasis on having such a perfect prom that it is simply setting the table for disaster. Now I’m not talking about ripped dresses, no-shows and date stealing when I say disaster, I’m talking about setting expectations for the evening so high, you couldn’t possible reach them even if you took Justin Timberlake as your date.

That’s why the convenience date is such a handsome choice. You are single but certainly don’t want to go alone. So Rob, your lifelong neighbor who is in a similar boat and you decide to look at the prom as a night on the town. Think about, you and perhaps you best platonic male friend have a night to spill the beans about all sorts of things, dance, have a good dinner at a ritzy place, and then party afterwards.

Oh, and one other thing: It is so much fun to watch the school’s drama queens and their boyfriends experience emotions ranging from joy to sadness to anger all in one night. It can be like a little soap opera. And if I were a betting person, I would wager that you’ll see some drama queen tears during the night. Meanwhile you are footloose and fancy free to enjoy a great night!

Here are a few tips to get the most of your convenience date prom night.

* Remember, this is a night on the town. Look at it as a little self indulgence with a buddy, not the over-hyped romantic event people desperately want the prom to be.
* Split the cost on everything. With this in mind, you be little more extravagant that if your date were footing the entire evening.
* Take things as they come. When there is romantic song playing, by all means dance with your convenience date and perhaps trade critical remarks about those trying to make the prom a love-in.
* Go everywhere you are invited. This is a night on the town, girl, go with it.
* Buddies can have just as much fun in public as those linked at the hip.
* If you do feel that romantic inclination toward your date, let it go for the evening. Don’t blow the evening by doing trying to do something that may be in the heat of the moment. Give it a rest prom night and maybe explore that option later.
* Finally, don’t use the night as a date-seeking night. Treat it as what you planned it to be-fun-and you’ll reap a memorable night.