Bad Breath Cures

There are many causes of bad breath, one of which is diet. When you eat food, the odor from the food remains in your bloodstream and is exhaled through your lungs until the food leaves your body. The odor will be present throughout your day, especially when you eat food that contains an overpowering odor like garlic or onions. For the same reason, smoking and the use of tobacco products is also a cause of bad breath. Dry mouth is likewise a cause of bad breath. Dry mouth occurs when your mouth stops producing adequate amounts of saliva, which can combat bad breath. Dry mouth is a very common side effect of many different medications. When you don’t brush or floss your teeth properly, plaque builds up and the bacteria in plaque causes bad breath as well.

Assuming you have no underlying health problems that cause bad breath, it is very easy to improve. The best thing you can do is improve your brushing technique. Make sure you have a good tooth brush, preferably recommended by your dentist. My dentist recommended Sonic Care, which seems to do the job pretty well. Make sure you brush all of your teeth for a minimum of two minutes in order to get rid of all of the bacteria. To ensure a clean smelling breath the whole day, you should consider buying a tongue scraper. Start from the back of your tongue and scrape foreword. This removes the entire odor causing bacteria from your mouth. You can follow this up with a mouth wash, if you want to, but mouth washes are mostly a vanity item that do not actually stop bad breath, but mask the scent.

If you need to fix your breath during the day, carry with you a pack of Listerine strips. Listerine strips come in a very small packet and will make your breath seem fresh immediately. However, the breath freshening will be temporary, as it does not kill the bacteria. Alternatively, you can carry a pack of Altoids or Tic-Tacs, which will also freshen your breath. If you have dry mouth, chewing a piece of gum will produce saliva and will activate your body’s natural defenses against bad breath. If you do not have any of these things on your person, see if you can score an after dinner mint from a restaurant.

If you are in a rush to fix your breath, and you have nothing in your pocket to save you, try grabbing a little parsley. If you can’t find parsley, try to find a few cherries. While these won’t eliminate the odor, they will mask your bad breath. If all else fails, you can gargle with water, which might eliminate some of the bacteria from your mouth.

It is a shame that the biggest turn off to someone you don’t know is something you can’t see or smell yourself. The truth is that if someone is really interested in you, a little bad breath won’t deter them. Your personality has little or nothing to do with your breath. However, when meeting new people, the lasting impression you leave should not be your breath.