Avoiding The Same Dress Nightmare

Prom is without a doubt the biggest day in almost anyones High School career, and for many, a day that they will look back on forever. For the boys, it’s often as simple as buying a nice suit and correlating the accessories to match with that of their date. For the girls on the other hand, it is far from being simple. Nothing is more crucial, and full of variety than a girls prom dress. With so many beautiful styles, lengths, fits and color schemes, every girl is given the opportunity to stand out and truly express themselves. On top of that, every girl deserves to feel to feel unique and beautiful on their prom day which is why dresses hold so much significance.

With all that being said, there is one thing that can really sneak up out of nowhere and take that feeling a way from any girl on their prom night. Imagine all the hours and effort of looking for the perfect dress, getting it fitted to be just right, and even having your date wear colors to match, just to go to prom and see the unthinkable. Another girl wearing the same dress ! This is a nightmare no one should have to deal with.

After dealing with so many proms, I asked around and learned a very helpful tip I can share with any readers planning their big prom day soon. The trick is to make a Facebook or Instagram group and invite every senior (at least all of the girls) in your school into it. After doing this, have everyone post pictures of their dresses into the group as they buy them. No more drama and no more confusion. Everyone can see what everyone else is wearing so at least no one will be wearing the same thing. The girls who buy early have the advantage of getting a larger selection of dresses, but the girls who buy later have the ability to use other pictures as inspiration or give them ideas on where to look if they are having trouble. All in all, I believe it is a good way to keep everything out in the open and avoid any surprise problems on the big day.