Alternative Options If You Don’t Have The Cash

By: Joe Focarino

Most High-schoolers envision their Prom as a luxurious, elegant day that they will remember forever and where everything has to be perfect. The reality is, to have all that can be quite expensive and more than most people can afford. We believe that even though Prom is a one of a kind day, it doesn’t need to put a hole in your pocket. Here are a few alternatives to enjoy the day without all the extra expenses.

Renting over Buying is clearly the first step to saving money. Buying a brand new prom dress or suit can be hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars invested all into something that may never even be worn again. We believe that isn’t worth it to most. Websites like Rent The Runway or The Black Tux offer this service for suits and dresses and can still have you looking your best on prom night.

No need to hire a photographer. Why pay hundreds of dollars for someone to take pictures when there will be plenty of parents there doing it anyway ? Have fun with it and let the parents be involved. Buy any camera attachments you may need and then have everyone take pictures. All the angles will be covered and we are sure there will be a few great shots in there.

Borrow accessories and don’t be afraid to go vintage. For guys looking for a nice watch, or girls looking for the perfect jewelry, look no further than the family around you. We know it may be hard to let kids borrow expensive jewelry but it may be a cheaper solution to let them borrow something vintage then to go buy new ones. I remember feeling like a million bucks when my dad let me wear his Rolex for the first time and I imagine most kids even wearing their parents old stuff will still make them feel the same way.

Uber a trip rather than rent a limousine. Uber is a quick easy solution to getting all the kids there safe and efficiently. There is a setting on the Uber app that allows you to search for a luxury car. Then, it is also easy to have all parents split the fare so it is equal and cost efficient for everyone. Take advantage of an Uber for the ride there and back and it may save you a fair amount of money on the prom transportation aspect.