7 Fantastic Fundraising Ideas


7 Fantastic Fundraising Ideas

By: Sofia Blum

Ok so you’re on the prom committee, and you have come up with a million and one fantastic ideas for throwing the best prom your school has ever seen. But-

that’s right there is always a but-unfortunately somebody has to pay for all those fantastic ideas you have come up with and make them become a reality. Don’t you bunch up your panties, I have come to the rescue and all it takes is one word.FUNDRAISING. Fundraising will keep your prom plans on track. We know, we know, selling candy door-to-door is for kids, and everyone you know is already tired of Kit Kats and M&M’s you sold for your last school function, this is why I have cooked up some get-rich-quick schemes that are guaranteed to roll in the money.

Pets on the Runway

Love fashion? Love being the center of attention, great, then this idea is the perfect one for you. Host a fashion show. All proceeds, raffle tickets, and admission fees go towards the prom. If you want to take your fashion show a notch further, why hold a regular one, when you can hold a pet fashion show. Pet fashion shows are the talk now. All famous designers as well as actors and actresses are hitting the runway with their pets. Create a fun event for local kids and families by hosting a pet pageant. Find an animal-friendly location such as a park, and recruit students to show off their pets on the “runway” one weekend afternoon. Everyone, no matter what their age is, will have a great time enjoying the beauty of animals.

Tailgate Tag Sale

Everyone knows how the typical garage sale works. You haul everything out of your basement and sell worthless treasure that you no longer need for pennies. Spice up this concept a bit. Gather a few friends up and ask your school for permission to hold a tailgate tag sale before, or after the big game. Not only will you get donations from friends, family, teachers, and coaches, but you will get rid of all the rubbish that was laying around in your closet, basement, and garage faster than you would trying to sell it at home.

Battle of the Bands

If your school is flooded with musical talent, why not hold a battle of the bands contest one evening in your gym or auditorium? You would be surprised at the huge turnout that these events bring. Aspiring rappers, rock stars, and classical musicians can sign up prior to the event to face off before their cheering fans. Not only do they bring there groupies, but think of all the friends, family, and classmates will come to support them. Sell tickets to the concert event of the year with all proceeds going toward the prom.

Ssssh! There is a Silent Auction Going On!

Silent auctions are a great way to make some extra cash for your prom. Before you plan the event, go around your community and ask local businesses to donate a few things such as a gift certificate for a salon, restaurant, electronics, video games, DVD’s, CD’s, and gift cards to a number of stores. Many businesses would love to see their local school strive towards a goal, and will donate more than you ask of them. Once you’ve got the goods, decorate a bulletin board at school with posters explaining the rules and listing the various items up for bid (and don’t forget to include the names of the generous businesses that helped you out). Set up a free email account where students can email their bids. Make sure you let them know what info you need: name, phone number, item, and bid amount. Then just sit back and see the numbers score high, at the end of the auction you will be all set for prom.

Jewelry Sale

Get a group of friends together and make bracelets, key chains, and necklaces that demonstrate school pride. Decorate these trinkets with school colors, the school mascot, or the schools name, by purchasing all goods from a local craft store. Another great idea would be to see if you or your parents and grandparents have any old jewelry they would like to get rid of. During your lunch period, after school, before school, or in class, you can sell this jewelry and all profits from the sale will go directly towards the prom. Don’t forget to advertise, by sending out emails, and letting students know on the school loud speaker that a jewelry sale will take place.

Game On!

Everyone knows someone whose Xbox or PlayStation 2 controller is practically surgically attached to his or her body. Let them show off their skills (and make some money for prom) by hosting a videogame tournament in your school auditorium or gym. Since this is a spectator sport, be sure to pick a popular game with lots of action. Another great idea is to host a video gamer tournament for your teachers. Not only would it be funny to watch them play, provide them with old school games such as Mario, and Tetris, and watch them go at it. Charging contestants a small entry fee, and selling tickets to students to watch the action, will allow you to have some extra money saved up for prom.

Good Morning Bake Sale

Holding a bake sale is a fundraising no-brainer. People are always interested in buy a cupcakes or brownie. Why not take this tried-and-true recipe and try something a little different? First thing in the morning, hold a breakfast sale! Stock your table with a mix of homemade muffins, store-bought bagels and spreads, fruit salad cups, tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. Everybody loves breakfast, but when you’re running to class before the bell rings, who has the time to eat breakfast? This type of fundraising tip will surely boast plenty of profit for prom, and have plenty of happy faces from meal-skipping students.