5 Key Things to Look For When Choosing a Fundraising Company

Fundraising: 5 Key Things to Look For When Choosing a Fundraising Company

By: Linda Hinkle

Fundraising is big business these days. As a recently retired high school teacher and mother of two, I have found myself in charge of more fundraisers than I care to remember over the years. Here are five key things to look for when you start searching for that just right fundraising company.

1. Make sure you sell a good product. Don’t sell junk! Choose a good product and chances are people will ask for it again. So when it comes time for your next fundraiser, your old customers will be ready to buy again. Many groups find a product to be quite successful and decide to use the same fundraiser on an annual basis with excellent results.

2. Get free Shipping. There are plenty of fundraising companies that offer free shipping. Although some require a small minimum number of items sold, there is absolutely no need for you to incur shipping costs on your fundraiser items. The minimum is usually low enough that almost any group can meet it.

3. Items are delivered pre-sorted by participant. For teachers, coaches, and anyone who is in charge of a fundraiser, this is a huge plus to look for when choosing a fundraising company. More and more companies are starting to offer this service so save yourself much time and effort by finding one that does. The fundraiser items will arrive in boxes or packages clearly marked with the seller’s name on them so that there is no sorting required when the order arrives.

4. Your group should make at least 50% profit. There are plenty of fundraising companies that offer a 50% or more profit for your group, so don’t settle for anything less.

5. All materials should be provided free with no up front costs. Some companies will charge for materials needed to conduct the fundraiser, items such as brochures, samples, etc. Again, there are plenty of companies that don’t charges for these items. You should be provided all materials needed free of charge so that your group incurs no start-up costs.

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Linda Hinkle is an educator and fundraising consultant. Find more information on conducting a successful fundraiser by visiting her at www.thefundraisingplace.com or www.highschoolstuff.com