4 Things Not To Do When Picking a Prom Dress

4 Things Not To Do When Picking a Prom Dress

By : Joe Focarino

When it comes to picking the perfect prom dress, there are many factors to consider. It is a lot of pressure to look good on such a big night so we at PromTime decided to make a short list of tips we believe can help you out if you’re having some trouble finding your dress

1. Pick a color scheme that is unique to your group of friends. We believe part of the way to looking your best on Prom Night is to make sure you stand out. There are so many beautiful dresses out there that we believe a unique style is often a way to stand out and look your best on Prom Night.

2. Remember it is a prom and not a wedding. This is a problem that used to be much more common but we see some people still making this mistake. You want to look beautiful and one of a kind on your prom but we believe some dresses can be too big. There is no need for a long, dragging dress on such a night. In the end it is a night to have fun with your friends and we believe the long gowns are just an accident waiting to happen.

3. Pick your dress before you pick your shoes. This one is tricky because sometimes people can make it work the other way around. We from experience have seen this mistake often cause girls to find dresses that are unflattering to their body just for the sake of them going perfectly with their expensive new shoes. I the end we believe the dress is the most important part of prom night and the shoes should be the accessory that complements them. Trying it the other way around can end up leading you to a dress you may regret.

4. Choose a dress for your body type. We believe every girl is beautiful and unique in their own way, but with that being said, every girl highlights their beauty in different ways. So buy a dress that complements and fits the right way. Don’t feel pressured to dress like others or think things should look exactly the way you do when you see them online. Try on many until you truly find one that fits right and highlights your beauty.