3 Tips For Wearing White at After Prom

By: Joseph Focarino

Though it may be unorthodox to some, wearing white to your prom or after prom may be the simplest way to stand out and look great. White is that color that just goes with anything and looks clean and stylish in the process. If any ladies see a pair of heels they love I am pretty sure they will go with a white dress. If guys are looking to show out in a flashy tie, then I am also sure it will work with a white suit. Here are 3 tips to wearing white and looking right.

1. Be Confident – Wear that all white with pride. Yea you stand out, but at least you look great doing it. During Prom Season, the weather is nice and the season calls for lighter colors. When you wear white you will be wearing the lightest color of them all.

2. Spice It Up – White is such a versatile color, do not be afraid to add a little flair to it. If you decide to go all white from head to toe, feel free to add a little pop of color into your accessories. A nice blue bowtie or some beautiful red heels will really help you spice up your look.

3. Go All Out – In my belief, If you are going to wear white, I say to commit fully to it. Me personally, I am not a fan of the half white look for prom, such as black dress pants with a white jacket or a dress that is white on top and blue on the bottom. If you wanna wear white just wear it fully and with confidence. Add a couple of accessories and a small splas of color if you would like, and you will surely be one of the sharpest dressed at your prom or after prom