3 Steps To Shoe Success

3 Steps To Shoe Success

By : Joe Focarino

These Days, killing the shoe game on Prom Night is almost as important as getting the perfect dress or having the right haircut. Both guys and girls want to make sure that their shoes are perfect compliments to both their outfits and personality. The Shoe is ultimately a way to express yourself as well as a key component in bringing your look together, So it is important to know a few key steps in searching for the right shoes.

Step 1, Whether it is the guys or girls, the shoe is a compliment to the rest of your prom attire. This means that the shoe should undoubtedly have some type of color scheme connection to the rest of the outfit. For guys, it is fine to just wear some classy black dress shoes. However if you do decide to add a little bit of color to your shoes, make sure that the color you add is within the rest of your color scheme. For example if your tie is red, feel free to add a splash of red in your shoes to bring your whole suit together. With girls it is a little different. Most girls wear dresses that are almost completely one color. If you fall into this category, be sure to avoid a shoe that is also predominantly this color. For example, if your dress is royal blue, I suggest avoiding shoes that are also completely royal blue. Look to break it up with a neutral color shoe such as beige, black, or white.

Step 2, Don’t be afraid to be classy. For guys especially these days, they all want to make a splash. They try wearing a suit with bright red sneakers, or maybe a even with a pair of Jordans. I suggest avoiding this trend. Prom is a chance to dress your best. Not to wear the same shoes you wear every day. Girls are often dressed in classy heels and a beautiful dress so I think guys should follow that with a nice suit and some sharp looking dress shoes.

Step 3, Stay within the look you are going for. For girls, there are so many styles of prom dresses that often it can be hard to decide. However whatever you decide on I suggest to pick a shoe that complements the structure of the dress. For example, avoid shoes that are bulkier or with large straps if are wearing a tight fitting dress. It would look wrong to wear a tight fitting dress with a thick shoe. Same goes with the guys for picking a shoe style. Don’t try to pull of a thick boot or shoe when wearing a well-tailored suit. Stick with the look so you have no regrets looking back on these pictures one day.