3 Rules For A Smooth After Prom

I have been around many prom events and if there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that teenagers tend to be irresponsible and often absent minded. So when it comes to prom and after prom, there is always a pretty good chance that at least one of the kids are going to do something that sets everyone back. Maybe they forgot their keys or lost their ticket. Maybe they run out of gas on the way there or break their cellphone. Or Maybe some friends get into a fight and now all the plans are ruined. Accidents happen and on prom night there are often many people affected. So I want to elaborate more on ways to not ruin your after prom.

Rule 1 – always have a plan B method of transportation. We know not all teenagers drive, so often they need to plane trips in advance, but sometimes even those plans fall through. To avoid this, I recommend knowing the bus/train route well enough that you can get there quick if needed. Another way is to keep extra money on the side just in case you need to take a cab. If you spend all your prom money before the actual prom itself, you might be in trouble.

Rule 2 – do not push anything to the last minute. The reason for this, is that when you push things to the last minute, then you are scrambling at the end. During a scramble, people highly increase their chances of forgetting something and if that happens, then potentially your whole night could be ruined. Plan ahead, be organized and encourage all the people in your group to be the same. That way everyone can have a smooth and enjoyable evening.

Rule 3 – always keep the ball in your court. What I mean by that is that if you rely on people to much during prom, they may end up letting you down and ruining your big day. If there is something that needs to be planned out or organized, take it upon yourself to do it. This way no one can ruin your prom day but yourself. Keep it simple, do what needs to be done and plan ahead. If you do those things I assure you your after prom fiasco will go much smoother.