20 Ways To Ask Her To Prom

20 Ways to Ask Her Out to Prom

By: Sofia Blum

1. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Come to prom with me. I love you.
2. I have your other glass slipper. You have to come to prom with me to get it back. (picture of Cinderella and glass slipper background)
3. U + Me= Prom?
4. Just say yes (In smaller letters: to prom, not drugs!) (Picture Barbara Bush in the background.)
5. I’m here to sweep you off your feet. Gotta dust pan? (Dustpan with prom written in it?)
6. (With a background of a cog) I’m gearing up to go to prom with you
7. (inside a visa card)Prom ticket: 100 Limo: 500 Going with you: Priceless
8. (Background of a white kitty cat) Purrrrrrrrty Please?
9. (background of a sunset)The only thing more beautiful than a sunset is you. Will you come to prom with me?
10. (Those cute little black and white babies.)You and I would make a great couple. Prom?
11. If I said I was dying in a week, would you go to the prom with me?
12. You’re a 9.9. You’d be a 10 at prom with me.
13. (out line of a heart)My heart is empty. Wanna fill it? Come to prom with me.
14. You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. They’d be more beautiful at the prom.
15. (picture Jessica rabbit or Betty Boop)Let’s face it: You’re sexy. Would you like to be sexy with me at prom?
16. I’m the love of your life. You’ll find out why at prom
17. Be unique and different. Just say yes. (Ying-Yang?)
18. (picture Humphrey Bogart)I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship.It could be more if you and I went to the prom together.
19. (guy with two thoughts.one girl in prom dress, other thought.Ferrari)I want only two things. Going to prom with you is the other one.
20. (kid staring out a window) I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.